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Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
MoonSkin products incorporate our patented technology that produces the shine at night and bright daytime colors. Our technology acts like ‘light-sponges’ that suck in light energy, releasing it again as soon as it is dark. MoonSkins need about 10 minutes of bright light to ‘energize’ them. These materials are entirely safe in our products and can be recycled at the end of their use.

How bright is the shine?
The shine is sufficient for you to be able to easily identify the location of the MoonSkin item in darkness. In the dusk and dawn period or if there is strong ambient light (for example from street lights) the product may not appear to shine. The shine will only be fully apparent in total darkness. So the darker it is the more the product will appear to shine.

How long does it take to charge?
As a general rule of thumb, a stronger light source will charge a product more quickly than a weak light source. Therefore strong sunlight provides quick charging while placing the product a poorly lit corner will increase the required charge time and may fail to fully charge it. In normal every day use, just 10 minutes of light will recharge the material.

MoonSkins that are permanently left in natural light will be fully recharged every day by the natural light. If you are carrying your phone in a carry bag, you should expose the MoonSkin to the natural light at least half an hour before the end of the day to ensure it is fully charged. Please note that prolonged periods of storage in a light proof bag prior to use will exhaust the stored light thereby requiring a slightly extended charge period the next time the product is exposed to light.

How often can I re-energize my MoonSkin?
Re-energize your MoonSkin as often as you require.

Adjusting your eyes to darkness?
Please bear in mind that it takes up to 45 minutes before your eyes have full night vision. It is therefore likely that at dusk and dawn the level of shine you see may initially seem minimal but as your eyes adjust to their night vision the shine will become much more distinct. Most importantly, during the night you will immediately be able to locate the MoonSkin, as your eyes will be fully adjusted to the dark.

Please note that any form of ambient light (for example from street lights) will affect the way your eyes adjust to the dark and you may find that the level of shine you see will vary if there is any ambient light. As ambient light levels increase the shine effect will become fully quenched.

How long will the shine last?
Once fully charged the shine will last up to 10 hours. This will enable you to find the items you need through the night.

How many years will the product shine?
We have been selling products using this technology for more than eight years and the first products we produced still shine as well today as when they were made. We would expect that the shine will continue for the reasonable service life of the product. While sunlight exposure may fade the color of the original product over a number of years it should not significantly affect the shine.


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